Why I Consider My Night Routine an Investment in My Writing Career

Why I Consider My Night Routine an Investment in My Writing Career

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If you’re at all interested in productivity hacks and improvement, then you know that building solid routines which you actually follow is as fundamental as it gets. I certainly do. I am highly interested in ways to sustainably improve my productivity, so naturally I’ve not only heard about the importance of routines, I know firsthand their benefits. I have morning routines, workday routines, post-workday routines, and night routines—not to mention cleaning routines, exercise routines, yard work routines… I do love me a good routine!

I would say that my nighttime routine is the one that most affects my productivity, and for that reason I think of it as an investment in my career as a writer…

Okay—pause here. By now, I am sure you’re rolling your eyes, thinking “Oh, great. She’s one of those types.” Haha. I don’t blame you, and I’m happy to confess I’m not actually that lofty…

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