Episode 35 – Who Am I?

ABC of Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page

This, Dear Hearts, is a question that each must ask of themselves. With experience and time this question will garner many different answers. However, Dear Ones, the purpose of this question is to ascertain an understanding of yourself throughout your life. Only with this understanding will you be able to direct your life appropriately. We shall explain:

As a youth our dearest Carolyn thought of herself as an athlete; this being where she excelled and gained standing and admiration. As our dearest matured into adulthood, and with the advent of a child, her daughter, she thought of herself as a good mother, albeit a turbulent period in her life. Then came the purpose for which her soul entered the Earth fantasy. With this change came security in the form of friendship and comradery with like minded souls.

As you can appreciate from this short synopsis, the understanding one has in…

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