8 tips to reduce risk for your next event

In the events industry, a small mistake—anything from a scheduling error, a menu mix-up or even the weather—can derail any event. How can you make sure your events run smooth? Here’s eight practical tips that hospitality and event professionals can use to minimize the chance of something going wrong. 1. Create event packages One of … More 8 tips to reduce risk for your next event


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THE PAINTBOX I opened the curtains and saw Heaven spilling out colours, the whole paintbox seemed to flow Painting the sky with abundance and delight. Have I got enough colours in my box, Could I also have a go? I feel intimidated by the artwork above Still, what fun to…

7 telltale signs an employee is going to leave

Every company that intends to have long-term success knows that retaining great employees is a critical piece of that success. And with this intention, most continually strive to create a productive working environment full of high-performing, dedicated employees that are enthusiastic and focused. We’re no stranger to this at Kununu; we regularly have conversations as a … More 7 telltale signs an employee is going to leave

She’s Not A Lady

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Winter does not empathize with withered branches or displaced birds fleeing waves of of frozen breath. Her howling wind is a laugh out loud and she hasn’t the grace to cover her mouth. A tease of holly and evergreen flicker at the curve of billowed thighs, glistening folds of…