7 Key Habits Of Super Networkers In Hospitality

The best managers are friendly and enthusiastic. They know how to listen and respond in a way that makes others feel understood—and they always strive to deliver the best service possible to both customers and employees. If this sounds like you, then a restaurant or hotel management career could be in your future. However, you’ll never get a face … More 7 Key Habits Of Super Networkers In Hospitality

Kahului Harbor

simply beautiful – no more words… National Parks With T Welcome back to National Parks & other public lands with T! If you are seeing this on Twitter or Facebook, please visit the blog to see all of the photos and read the story by clicking the link. After departing Honolulu, our cruise ship docked … More Kahului Harbor

Damn your eyes

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? ? ? Damn those eyes ? ? You make me so crazy my dear love, damn those eyes, damn those green eyes that steal my thoughts and my dreams. You and I, kindred spirit seeking proper peace and calm in the center of the hurricane. ? Your beautiful face, a…