Why Poetry?

The title speaks by itself..Why Do I write Poetry???

Penny Wilson Writes

Why do I write poetry?  Other than the fact that I love it, there are several reasons.

I’ve got a novel, a crime thriller, that I’ve been working on, for 4 or so years, off and on.  Yeah, a lot.  I know.  But other than that piece, I need other ways to express myself and poetry is the perfect outlet.

Poetry takes many forms.  With this freedom, my imagination can run wild.  My poems can be subjective, leaving the interpretation up to the reader.  They can have meaning to me that no one else would understand, but it’s a way to express that feeling/experience.

My poems give me the freedom to express my inner thoughts or feelings that I would not normally voice.  The expression of these things, again, can be interpreted differently by different readers.  I can cry, laugh, curse, spit or throw a written tantrum.  I don’t…

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