No one is perfect

Beautiful title and important in our journey… SUCCESS INSPIRERS' WORLD We aren’t perfect; That’s okay; If we were perfect, The world would be perfect; That is the truth; Had we been perfect, The world would have been Perfect. We aren’t perfect; We are imperfect; We have our shortcomings; Look at me! I have my limitations; … More No one is perfect

Lucidity is a nymph ❤

Originally posted on BLISSFULLY LOST SOUL ❤:
She smelled of wild roses Wrapped in an aura of lotus. Life swam in the nectar pools Of her restlessly vibrant eyes. No place for fools To wander without sacrifice. A thousand dawns slept Upon her glowing face. Countless setting suns drowned In the waves of her grace. She…


Originally posted on The Rendezvous Club:
The wall that we built in between Still stands tall as ever and strong I wonder what happens on The other side of this wall Does the sun shines bright there While I admire the half bend moon Won’t the drops of rain that falls On the trees in…

I appreciate it

I appreciate it – well deserved and great lines to read… SUCCESS INSPIRERS' WORLD If you contributed In any way To make my day great, I appreciate it; And say, “Thank you.” I couldn’t have done it All alone; I needed other hands; Thank you for being One of them; Thank you for standing By … More I appreciate it