This Is Why You’re Beautiful


You’ve heard your mom and dad tell you countless of times, reassuring you, wholeheartedly believing in their sentiments when they say “you’re beautiful.” The phrase is often thrown around as if it only held true superficially.

Don’t get me wrong, hearing it every once in a while from uncles, aunts, fans, and admirers undoubtedly induces a sense of ‘kilig,’ for a lack of a better term. Although I know it intrigues you and knocks on the doors of your imagination, and maybe even, tingles your senses, as to why it would ever occur to them, that you, were beautiful.

It’s more complex than ‘pretty’ and more subtle than ‘gorgeous,’ but somehow represents the simplicity that encapsulates your persona. Yet, I want to tell you, is never question those who constantly reaffirm their adoration of you.

Encircling the thought process that goes into making a statement with such confidence requires things that the mind is unable to process.

It is endlessly fascinating to see from another perspective. It does vary from one to another, but I find that in expressing thoughts, the truth sheds light on what comes from the heart.

You’re beautiful and you don’t know why, but here’s my take.

It is in this effortless spirit that you possess that people find comfort.

It is in your warmth and exuberant personality makes any place feel like a home.

It is in that wide-eyed, glistening and fetching smile that you flash every so often, that captures the hearts of those who see it; of those who are lucky enough to see it.

Maybe, it’s because of your intellect, the way you carry yourself with such sophistication and elegance.

Or, it could be because of the passion you exude in every single thing you do or find yourself in.

It could even possibly be in your capacity to love and share your heart with everyone, being a genuine inspiration and radiant light in hundreds and thousands of lives.

In the end, from where I sit now, perhaps it’s in the way your forehead scrunches up when you’re focused on the task at hand, or the way your hair falls on the side of your face.

There are things I know you believe to be flaws in yourself, and you’ll constantly downplay the compliments and praises you receive. Ultimately, you are imperfect, just like we all are.

But, maybe you’ll come to see that in that juxtaposition of character and belief, you’re a little less imperfect than others.

You are beautiful. More than you will ever know,


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