Rear-end of a so-call love..

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Rear-end of a so-call love. A Poem by Coyote PoetrySometime little is better than none. ?Rear-end of a so-call love. She poured the tequila andshe told me I’m the only one. I whispered..To the only one I’m holding tonight.?I ?kissed her ?tequila soaks lips. We engulfed in a laughter. We were just two…


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Contemplation?of the quiet mind… as it slowly rewinds the cascading waves of thoughts falling in an infinite abyss of feelings that drift in your eyes floating in the skies of everlasting dreams drifting with the winds of dark storms looming at the edge of the sea as you fly free in…

A flutist’s notes

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P.C :- Lucas Albuquerque During the sublime time of twilight, As day slips away after a hard day’s work , Along the banks of river, A flutist’s notes weighs through the picturesque city, Cutting across the steady waters flowing far and wide, Beyond the sturdy monument standing like a…

Rain Dance

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Image by Firenzos from Pixabay To anyone watching she surely looked like a drunk playing and dancing in the driving rain Heaving and panting as she frantically twirled and screamed in the bitter cold But she does not feel the cold She is warm from head to toe with the delirious…

Some Nights I listen to Songs

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Some nights I listen to songsand cry rivers.Moon glowing white.Glazing silver garden of beautiful scars,sleeping birds and buzzing insects,and the infinite silence.The infinite silence within my mind keeps still. As the day and night collidesit’s the iridescent dawn out therethe Sun shows up its glinting rays.And the skyline smilessharply and…

24 hard-working woman share the one productivity tip that truly changed their life

Regardless of your industry, job title, or goals, you probably have a to-do list that seems never-ending. Yet, with so many tasks vying for your attention, it can be easy to get to the end of the day and feel as though you really haven’t accomplished anything. To help, we tapped into the brilliant minds of 24 female … More 24 hard-working woman share the one productivity tip that truly changed their life